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Requiring funding for the Parthenon Agenda was going to be tricky, luckily they were in America where you could make quick money easily. A great example of which was Donate Sinclair a known member of several cartels and illegal dealings. Like Kaiser Sociay Donate was brought aboard solely for financial support, however after the bottom of the Parthenon Agenda fell out he was ruined! But Donate had an insurance plan. He had been secretly funding research on a new serum dubbed Diablo which he injected himself with when the Attorney General ordered his capture. Now he’s out to retake what is his…and then some!

Razor appears to be the “frat boy” of the Titans he is a man obsessed with his own legend. Razor coming from a wealthy Cuban famley is used to getting what he wants and hates being told what to do or to be told NO. It’s fitting that he has a devilish look to him because he has committed all of 9 sins and is not too sorry about it. Razor has a sharp temper to go with his name this often is his undoing sense his anger blinds him. The other Titans tend to dislike him because Razor dos not pull his weight as much as they’d like. Razor is also not very bright often led around by is ego rather then his instincts.

Flip Coin:
Razor and Shard have an odd sort “love/hate” relationship. Both see each other as the most beautiful of their group, and are rather immature. They both tend to get on the nerves of their counterparts, but are rather tolerated. Razor views himself as the charming Latino and Shard as the easy American girl (even though she is Scottish) Shard sees Razor as the “dumb jock” who thinks the world is his oyster and rather despises him for that.

Liar: an old Luxury Lighner

Strongest Alias: Frank Ryan, Ringmaster

Arch Nemesis: Shard

Horrifically toxic venom in claws and spikes
Can lequify his fingers then solitefy into razor whips and spear tips.
Kondara Strings
Spear Nets
Mazon Twister
Skin is bullet proof and fireproof
Heightened senses
Razor can heal his wounds and regrow limbs by stimulating them with his mazon energy; this takes time and he must be alone to concentrate but his mazon aura is what keeps him young.
Extremely fast and agile
Can conduct mazone energy in hand allowing them to grow larger and sharper and can even fire it in sphere or beam forms.
Can left things 2,500 times his size
Can grow spike any where on his body that use as swords bullets or even bombs
Extra mouth fires a Paralyzing Beam
Poisonous bite
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